Get IT for the lowest price,
Recover IT for the highest.

Whatever your IT department needs, our solution is there to deliver what you need against the lowest possible prices and with a maximum recovery on your assets afterward.

Upload your inventory list or integrate your IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution into our system and, we will automatically update your asset database with each purchase and each sale of your IT assets.

Respectively, we display extra information about your assets like serial numbers, warranty information, and a current recovery estimate about your IT assets for free.

Our solution provides you access to our network of recovery partners and finds the cheapest suppliers for your new IT products while automatically updating your asset database with every transaction.

In a nutshell, buy IT against the lowest possible price, and once your IT lifecycle nears, have our recovery network compete to buy IT assets from you and reduce your total operational costs!

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Our Features:

All our offerings are fully transparent with a marginal fee for our services. Compare between the right providers and identify what solutions there are for your organization.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is an integral piece for your IT department.

By selling your used assets to us, your organization can get rid of old, redundant hardware or software and maximize your asset recovery by freeing up tied capital.

Select the assets you wish to sell and start receiving offers from our recovery network based on the conditions you have set out.

Our goal is to make sure that you get the best recovery value out of your assets in order to reduce the total cost of ownership.


The lowest IT prices filtered between more than 100 suppliers.

With a variety of different types of sellers, the next assets your organization purchases are guaranteed at the lowest possible price.

Get special bid pricing directly from vendors through our portal and get an even better discount for your organization.

Our platform provides you with transparency on more than 3 million products that can be used in your organization without ever overpaying.

Managed Services


Find the service provider that matches your requirements and find out what alternatives there are in the market.

Our platform created an addressable market of all the different solution providers in the market that can be filtered based on your needs.

Manage contracts, set out KPI's and track the progress of every single agreement in your portal with a supplier scorecard.
We facility, you set out the rules, our partners execute.

All information about your IT assets at a glance with an optimal return on your IT investments.

Know where your assets are, how much you spend on them and how they perform at each stage of the life cycle with our simplified approach to IT asset management.

The ultimate goal of fluxware is to provide the best possible ROI to the business when it comes to IT asset consumption.

fluxware helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of your IT assets.


Our system complements your current IT environment. With no to little effort our system can be up and running in your organization.

One source of truth.

See all your assets in one overview with information such as warranty info, serial numbers and current recovery value.

Our vendors:

How to get started,
in a few steps.

Sign-up with your company details, set up 2FA, and our system will verify your registration and assign a credit limit. Create accounts for your employees and assign user rights.

2. BUY
Start buying hardware or software from the cheapest sources available and select the payment term that suits your organization.

See all your assets that you have bought and upload your asset database or inventory list or simply connect to our solution so that we can automatically update your ITAM with each purchase and sale.

Select the redundant assets you wish to sell and start receiving bids from our recovery network. Our recovery partners are either ISO or WEELABEX certified to handle your data in a safe manner.

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